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Federal CARES Act Relief Funds came at a critical juncture for hospitals.  Now, as society is opening, lagging reimbursements will precipitate a fiscal "Second Wave" for healthcare facilities.  Prepare and Avoid with Cash Flow Acceleration on a continuing basis, available now with IATRIX.  

IATRIX  -  Revenue Acceleration, Coding to Cash in just 48 Hours

IATRICOMP  -  Big Data Science for up to 7% increase in Net Revenue!

  • Free Evaluation and No Up-Front Cost

  • No Assignments, Guarantees or Collateral

  • Business Office Productivity Assistance

  • Cost Less Than Credit Card Transactions

  • Applicable to Any Healthcare Entity Engaged with Commercial or Government Payers


About Us

Our team has over 35 years experience working with hospitals. We understand the significant struggles hospitals and medical entities face regarding delayed payment on claims and diminished days cash on hand.  These fiscal challenges weigh heavily on hospital executives which divert their attention away from operational and growth strategies.  IATRIX has a unique solution that  will alleviate these financial concerns and allow C-Suite teams to focus on their established goals, rather than time-consuming, monetary challenges.  IATRICOMP BIG DATA SCIENCE can increase net revenue up to 7% through automation and artificial intelligence management of denials, inappropriate CCI edits, coding and contract compliance monitoring to augment your Revenue Cycle Management and increase business office productivity.


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We Pick-Up Where Your Revenue Cycle Ends!

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Industry Problem

Hospitals are faced with declining admissions and reimbursements, coupled with significantly delayed payments from insurance companies resulting in:

  • Hospital's exhausting their lines of credit

  • Inability to meet payroll demands

  • C-Suite unable to focus on quality of care and growth due to a preoccupation with cash flow issues

  • Possible bankruptcy or closure​​

Furthermore, accounts receivable are unpredictable and impossible for banks to value.  Therefore, banks view hospitals and receivables as high risk and are reluctant to offer the affordable help needed to keep hospitals operational. IATRIX can eliminate these financial challenges and risks and provide new and beneficial opportunities that have previously been unavailable.

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The Solution For You And Your Facility

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The IATRIX algorithm predicts the number of days in collection and net revenue with 95% certainty using Big Data Science from IATRICOMP.  As a result, our fiscal sources know precisely the amount to advance healthcare entities for their submitted claims.

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With the predictive algorithm in place, we can engage and provide low cost, 48 hour advances of up to 95% of the hospital's net revenue.  Confidently move forward with no risk, collateral or liens!  The end result is hospitals and healthcare entities receiving a constant predictable stream of advanced funds, improving days cash on hand dramatically.

IATRIX & IATRICOMP Program Advantages

With the full IATRIX/IATRICOMP suite,hospitals and medical entities will no Longer be subject to:

  • Slow-pay behavior

  • Poor contract compliance

  • Denied claims

  • Timely Appeal Transgressions

  • Diminished "clean claim" rate

  • "Down" coding

  • Inappropriate CCI edits

By eliminating the aforementioned challenges, IATRIX will help hospitals experience:

  • Prediction of timing and amount of claim reimbursement and cash advancements against claims by IATRIX funding sources

  • Days cash on hand substantial increase, up to three times greater

  • Extra capital available for immediate and long-term needs

  • No C-Suite distractions due to cash flow deficits

  • Stabilization of holiday cash flow

  • No up-front costs, investments, training or facility changes of any kind to implement the program

  • A supplement or complete elimination of the hospital's line of credit with our low rates and costs

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Meet The Team

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Home: Leadership
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William O. Reed, MD, MBA

Founder, CEO

Dr. Reed, a Midwest native, graduated from the University of Rochester in New York with degrees in both Chemistry and Biology. Joined the graduate program in Anatomy at Washington University Medical School he taught medical students while pursuing advanced studies leading to an MD degree.  Two years of General Surgery Residency were followed by an invitation to the Orthopedic Surgery Department of prestigious Duke University where he completed his Chief Residency. Ever since, he has practiced in the Kansas City Metro focusing upon spine and upper extremity care. A champion and teacher of surgical and facility innovations to better patient care, he has built hospitals, spine surgery programs and completed an MBA from the Olin School of Business of Washington University. A national leader in minimally invasive techniques and spine arthroplasty (artificial disc replacements), he continues to instruct and research in the realm of advancing care for disabling spinal conditions.  Dr. Reed has practiced as a Physician-Executive and primarily now has focused his energy on exploring innovative financial solutions and programs that assist hospitals and other medical entities.

Tapan Bhatt MBA

Chief Technology Officer

Offering a unique blend of leadership, technology experience and business acumen, Tapan has over 18 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technology products and sits on the innovation board of Saint Luke’s Hospital System.  Tapan founded TeraCrunch with a vision of helping healthcare enterprises make data-backed decisions, by offering tailored analytics solutions that provide an order of magnitude better results over all other options.  With one of best teams of PhD Data Scientists in world from Harvard, NASA and top commercial firms, TeraCrunch works with payers, providers, pharma, equipment firms and other entities in the healthcare eco-system. TeraCrunch offers advanced analytics and artificial intelligent solutions to support Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Experience Management, Clinical Optimization, AI Drug Discovery, Population Health, Spur Innovation & Research and Proof of concept development.  Tapan has earned an MBA in Marketing from Avila University and has done Electrical Engineering from K.K.Wagh College of Engineering.


Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Full is a seasoned healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer for mid-size and rural hospitals, a 22-hospital health system, CEO for a behavioral health hospital, and department administrator at a mid-west medical school.  Jim has been utilized by numerous organizations as a resource for his expertise in strategic planning, new program development, patient centered care initiatives, critical access hospital (CAH) designation, rural health clinic development and turn-around strategies.  Jim has been the recipient of the 3M/Healthcare Forum Innovator Award, the VA Innovative Management Award, a Rural Health Leadership Award, the “Regent Award” and the “Service Award” from the American College of Healthcare Executives for his contributions to the field and is honored as the recipient of the “Rural Health Award for Community Service at the National Level” from the Indiana Rural Health Association.  Mr. Full is a graduate of Marquette University.  He also received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from George Williams College and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from DePaul University

We Look Forward To Working With You

Kansas City, KS, USA


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